Far Cry 6 is the latest instalment of what is in my opinion the most impressive open-world gaming experience you can get. And no, there’s no spoilers here, because after more than a week playing the game I’m no where close to finishing it.

While I love the game, I’ve also got plenty of other things to do in my day, and a family I’m rather fond of – without disrespecting those who have finished it, I value my gaming time as a short escape, not an obsession. That said, I also take a very different approach to this game than would be expected.

The story line of Far Cry 6 has you play the role of a Guerrilla warrior on the island nation of Yara which has a new leader who seems hell bent on reform while also being destructive and violent beyond belief.

Where Far Cry 5 was a cult leader and his cult members with drugs growing everywhere, Far Cry 6 is the fictional Caribbean island of Yara where “El Presidente” Antón Castillo – played by actor Giancarlo Esposito (who to me is best known as Gus Fring from Breaking Bad), growing Tobacco and turning it into a potent poison of its own.

There are similarities all around, trucks running prisoners, tankers with poison, and many many micro missions and loot boxes to find, as well as treasure hunts too.

But this is not just new scenery and different characters. The weapons customisation is far more like COD or similar games where you’re ranking up, gearing up and in Far Cry collecting scraps and materials to improve your arsenal.

It took me probably 4-5 hours of playing to get my Sniper Rifle to a point it was as I like it, with clear and simple headshots from a distance my style of play.

I mentioned my style of play, and it’s probably unique, but its ideal for me. No pressure. Unlike a game like Call of Duty where you are playing your role in a script, rinse and repeat until you get it right. Once complete, you move to multi-player as your outlet.

With Far Cry you are in a choose your own adventure. The end game is the same (I assume we kill or remove Castillo from power), but getting there is your own race.

For example, I’ve only completed probably 5 or 6 missions against enemy bases.

Instead, I’ve spent my nights driving the streets looking for military road blocks, and liberating them. I’ve lost count, but I reckon I’ve done 10-15. It’s strategic, it takes time, but it shows me the whole world. And where I see missions on the side, can take them as I choose.

I know that in time I will need to do them all, but for now, I’m a Guerrilla exploring and fighting for my team.

The Far Cry 6 Map is huge – I’m sure a more seasoned gamer could tell you how big, but in my mind this is the biggest open world I’ve ever played in. It will be a long time before I’ve seen it all.

And that’s fine with me. By my reckoning, it took me more than 2 years to properly complete Far Cry 5

That’s not because I didn’t play it – it’s because you can jump into this game at any point, fly anywhere on the map, and just see what you see.

Hunt animals, or hunt the military. But just like Far Cry 5, when wondering around, beware of wild animals, they’ll bring ya down. Especially the crocs.

Far Cry’s best mode is Co-Op. After about 1.5 hours you complete the “Do or Die” mission and that unlocks Co-Op mode.

For me, I’d advanced a far way into the game, so I hosted the co-op gameplay with Stephen Fenech, and we partnered up for some chaos.

Stephen Fenech with a havoc causing Flame Thrower

His efforts have helped toward my game completion, but I don’t need him there all the time, it’s a really nice drop in and drop out co-operative approach.

Far Cry® 6_20211002165158

You have a range of vehicles again, from Choppers to planes, cars, bikes, jetski’s boats, and even horses to get you around.

And Fast Travel between your unlocked locations makes exploring and searching for the next mission a breeze.

My only negative feedback – the faces of the characters – the facial hair is horrible. Looks like Norman Gunston stuck little bits of paper all over his face to create a beard – very strange.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Far Cry 6 will stay installed on my PS5 for many years. It’s a sensational game for all users, and suits my personal style perfectly.

Funny story, your character’s name – whether you choose a male or female persona – Dani Rojas. Same name as the footballer in Ted Lasso. Go Figure.