Every gamer knows a good microphone is critical for online gaming so you can talk to your teammates and help out with getting wins. So here is a great option for those gamers looking for great quality sound while still having a great looking setup. The HyperX Quadcast is basically that, good looking and great sound quality.

The Quadcast S comes with a table stand and a boom arm mount with a vibration shock mount held on to the body of the microphone making it very light and smaller than other microphones. Yet the Quadcast is stylish, stable, and has good quality sound. The Quadcast has a built-in pop filter that is incredibly subtle and goes very much unnoticed but works very well.

The mic is connected using USB-C into the back of the mic as well as an in-built 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Quadcast’s most notable feature is its vibrant RGB in the actual mic. This is customisable on the HyperX software (not available on macOS) allowing you to match your mic with your setup.

The mic also has a tap to mute button turning all the RGB off and muting your mic. This is actually super useful so you and those in your household know when you’re on mute and not. The button isn’t really a button as you don’t have to push it down, just lightly tap it and it mutes allowing you to say whatever you want without anyone on the other end hearing you. 

At the bottom of the mic is also a very easily turnable gain controller. I find it will sometimes move whenever I bump it with my arm but otherwise it is very convenient.

The mic quality is great as well with clear cut audio making those listening to you have your voice clear cut, and if the settings of the mic are right, sound as if you’re right there with them. The mic has four different polar patterns in stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional each for different types of recording situations.

This mic is perfect for streamers who want to have an extra good looking setup but also good sound quality with its compatibility with PC, Mac, PS4, and PS5 giving it the perfect fit for any gamer or streamer who needs a good quality microphone.

The Quadcast S is available at JB HI-FI for $269