Lighting has come a long way, from simple bulbs to fluros and now strip lights and coloured bulbs it’s a game changer. And it doesn’t matter if it’s for your lounge room, bed room or your game streaming background Nanoleaf offer some wild looking shapes and bulbs and today announce their new “Lines” which I personally think could be their best ever.

I knew as soon as I saw them where I wanted to put these.

In the podcast end of the EFTM studio, we have a huge amount of acoustic foam covering the walls. While that’s great for sound, it’s bland.

Installing anything there is hard, because it’s not a normal wall – but I gave it a good crack.

You’ll have a much easier run.

Lines comes in a 9 or 15 set starter pack, or a three line expansion pack. I had a vision of a waveform, you know, what Audio looks like in an editor? Or maybe a graph?

You get a connector for each, which sticks to your wall with that standard 3M tape stuff, and then can twist to suit your design.

Clip in the LINES, and place the cover over each connector.

One of the connector carries the power from the wall, including a microphone for rythmic movement to go with your music.

Honestly, these things do way more, I’ve just scratched the surface. Make them a plain colour, make them glow, use themes in the Nanoleaf app or as I did make your own theme using the EFTM colours in my case.

These will feature behind the biggest game streamers on the planet, I’ve no doubt.

They work easily, and the installation is a breeze.

Nanoleaf Lines can be preordered today,from the Nanoleaf AU Online Store, JB Hi-Fi, and Amazon.

A 15 “line” Starter Kits will set you back $539.99 – the 9 line Starter Kits is $349.99 and a 3 Pack Expansion Kits is $119.99.