Ford Australia is taking a very public approach to their final road testing program for the all-new 2022 Ford Ranger, throwing QR codes on the side of the camouflaged ute to help promote the upcoming launch.

Driving the streets of Australia – most likely Melbourne where Ford’s Aussie head office and testing centres are – the new Ford Ranger is covered in a block pattern vinyl wrap, previously seen on the Bronco R Baja racer, with heaps of black blue and white blocks in a pixelated pattern all over to attempt to hide the underlying shape of the ute while it’s in pre-release mode.

But while other cars are kept secret and the hope is these spy cars don’t get spotted too much, Ford is throwing the hashtag #NextGenRanger on the side along with a QR code to get people interested.

The ranger is not just Ford’s best seller here in Australia, it’s an Aussie icon, as it’s design has been led by the Aussie design team in Melbourne.

“We were asked to develop a camouflage that allowed you to clearly see that this is the next-generation Ranger but not see it at the same time,” said Leigh Cosentino, Design Manager at Ford Australia.

“The inspiration originally came from the Baja livery Ford has been using, as I’m a huge fan of motorsport it’s hard for me not to be obsessed with machinery like that,” added Lee Imrie, the Ford Australia designer who developed the successful pattern.

“So, we ended up with this design which is dense at the bottom and then the pattern becomes scattered towards the roof. It ends up being a good camouflage, is visually exciting but also gives the pattern a sense of movement. It’s not the usual static type of camouflage.

This is all happening while Ford’s test drivers conduct their final sign-off drives of the new Ranger, which is expected to be properly revealed later this year.

If you spot it out on the roads, send us a photo!