As part of streaming sports provider Kayo’s push to expose their platform to more and more users, the Kayo Freebies service is expanding constantly with new content available for those without a paid account.

Already throughout 2021 the Formula One practice sessions each weekend have been Free to watch on Kayo, with Qualifying and the Race limited to paid subscribers.

As the season moves into more difficult timezones for live viewing, your Monday Morning options are looking up with the Kayo Mini race highlights for each grand prix being made available on the Kayo Freebies list.

So now, when you wake up, download the EFTM F1 Podcast and hear that the race was a cracker and you want to watch it before you hear us unpack it with our thoughts, jump onto Kayo and watch the Kayo Mini for free!

As I’ve said many times, it’s a great way to get people experiencing the service, understanding the quality that streamed sport has, and over time expanding the paid customer base. Once you try it, you’ll struggle to live without it:)

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