It’s that time of year again where streaming services release their year in review and give us an insight into what people have been consuming on their service. YouTube has today released their 2021 year in review and although there are some new names there are also a lot of the old favourites.

2021 saw Mr Beast once again top the trending videos in Australian with their (his?) I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive video. Unsurprisingly, with their 84+million followers they were the top creator in Australia as well and if you haven’t checked them out it’s well worth the watch.

For locally-based creators it was a great year with Superwog having the second highest trending video and coming in at number 2 on the top Australian creators list. Number one was LazarBeam, who also had the sixth highest trending video of the year with I Spent $8,000 Beating GTA.

This year there were some big breakouts by local creators including Julian O’Shea, martincitopants, and sleepymully. We encourage you to go and check them out and support Aussie artists doing some great work keeping us entertained.

This year the highest rated gaming videos weren’t just gaming videos but collabs with stars and big brands such as  Balenciaga collabing with Fortnite, Lil Nas X performing in Roblox, and Animal Crossing collabing with Puma and Colour Pop.

Music videos followed a disturbing trend of mimicking the US list but there are a lot of great Aussie musicians that we should be supporting so make sure you check out Sydney Yungins – Eshays, ONEFOUR – STREET GUIDE | PART 01, Hooliganhefs – Checkmate (Freestyle) and ChillinIT – Henny & Reefer. I’m a huge fan of OneFour’s music and ChillinIT makes some hilarious music videos so well worth the watch.

If you want to check out all the top 10 lists for Australia in 2021 head on over to and settle in for a lot of content.