The all-new 2022 Range Rover has been revealed and it’s a head turner for sure, this one will stop you in your tracks if it drives by because it is both very much a Range Rover but also a stark new modernist take on the Range Rover – and I love it.

This beast is about so many things. It’s about the design, it’s about the comfort, but it’s in so many ways about the technology.

Sleek lines, in fact it’s less lines, less curves more just shapes, something very relaxed about the way the “skin” of this car just sits there rolling down from the roofline.

While the front end looks like a tweak (a big one, yes) on the previous model, the rear end design is like nothing else on the road today. A black accent from the Range Rover wording down the sides of the rear actually hide the lights and indicators.

They appear as if magically when turned on – something I can’t recall really seeing before.

It’s minimalist in so many ways, even all the sensors around the front have been pushed into a black grill area, rather than being on the body coloured bumper, just reducing the interruptions on the paint lines. Perfection.

I can imagine the design will not appeal to some, but I also suspect that in the flesh, this looks even better.

On the inside, the new Range Rover is peak luxury.

A fit and finish fit for the Queen, quite literally I guess, and rather than going too far with the driver interface tech, it’s the perfect balance.

Fully digital dash, large curved Pivi Pro screen, a smart but regular climate control functions and drive mode controls seperate.

It’s even got Alexa built-in. Yep, your new Range Rover is also your smart assistant.

Inside the word of the day is tranquility. Not only is the exterior noise low from the build quality itself, but using the same tech from your noise cancelling headphones, Range Rover 2022 has speakers in the headrests to pipe in cancellation of the road and engine sounds too.

Ensuring they tick all the boxes of expectation in 2022, the new Range Rover also features over the air updates for it’s software, along with Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Your whole family will be connected with a WiFi hotspot for up to 8 devices, along with plenty of charging ports, including 8 USB-C, two of which for middle row passengers are offering enough juice to charge your laptop without the power brick.

When it comes to tech, you can’t ignore the race toward electric cars. Range Rover will feature a full EV in this product, but not for a few years (2024), though next year there will be a plug-in hybrid which will offer 100km of full EV driving. While that won’t help those going bush, lets be honest for a large portion of the Range Rover market – that’s going to be good for a full EV experience around town.

Prices range from $220,000 to $312,000 plus a whole host of options, but hey, you only live once. Right?