LG XBOOMGo PL speakers with Meridian Audio now available in Australia

LG Australia has today announced their new line of XBOOMGo PL Bluetooth speakers with Meridian Audio are now available in Australia.

The XBOOMGo PL Bluetooth speakers come in three models, the PL7, PL5 and PL2. The speakers all include an IPX5 splash proof rating, with a rubberised finish which is easy to hold. The portable speakers include long battery life and easy to use controls on top. LG has partnered with Meridian Audio to include their technology which they say will deliver ‘enhanced bass, clear vocals and rich treble’.


The minute LG XBOOMGo PL2 speaker fits comfortably in your hand and weighs just 350 grams but can give you up to 10 hours of battery life. The PL2 uses a single 5W Speaker with Meridian Audio technology to pump out bass and rich tones when you play music.


The PL5 and PL7 up the ante including Dual Action Bass for big beats from two 1.75-inch speakers and dual Passive Radiators. The PL5 offers 20W of power with up to 18 hours of battery life, while the PL7 gets 30W of speaker power with up to 24 hours of battery life.

You can pair any of the PL5 and PL7 speakers together for stereo sound or use them with an LG TV as rear channel speakers for a complete sound experience.

The higher end XBOOMGo PL5 and PL7 also includes a Multi-Colour Lighting feature that processes what’s playing and produces pulses of LED lighting in sync with the speed and beat of the song.

LG Australia has priced the LG XBOOMGo PL2 at $89, while the LG XBOOMGo PL5 will set you back $179, or if you want the LG XBOOMGo PL7 you’ll expect to pay $259. 

LG XBOOMGo PL speakers with Meridian Audio now available in Australia
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