True wireless is the way to go these days if you value style, size and portability in your headphones and we have seen a lot of different sets launch at verying prices. Today JBL has announced their latest true wireless headphones at an extremely attractive sub-$100 price, made even more attractive by the expected high quality JBL sound.

Named for their wave-like free-flowing design, the Wave 100TWS and the Wave 200TWS are small and designed to sit comfortably in your pocket and provide all-day listening.

The JBL Wave 100TWS includes a Dual Connect feature which allows the use of one or both earbuds at a time. Add in 20 hours of battery life, JBL Pro Sound and you have an extremely affordable way to enjoy your podcasts and music. Of course there is support for voice assistants and hands-free calling you can be sure of great bang for your buck, especially with them priced at just $79.95 from the JBL website and all major retailers.

The JBL Wave 200TWS offer a deeper bass with JBL Deep Bass Sound in a once more comfortable and ergonomic design — this time in the stem design. You still get 20 hours of battery life in your headphones and charging case along with the dual connect technology thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 support. Along with calling and voice assistant support the Wave 200TWS also come with an IPX2 rating to ensure they can survive your workout no matter how hard that is. The JBL Wave 200TWS will be available on the JBL website and also exclusively at JB Hi-Fi for $99.95.

“JBL WAVE 100 TWS is the first product of the WAVE series, a true wireless in-ear headphone designed for easy day-to-day use. This product is aimed at consumers who use their audio devices all day long, each day for a variety of activities. The JBL WAVE 100TWS, features an eye-catching design, built to meet the ergonomic requirements of the users, providing easy accessibility, different audio modes and a long battery life,” said Marcus Fry, General Manager, HARMAN ANZ.

At under $100 for what promises to be decent quality true wireless headphones the new JBL wave headphones look to be great value for money, seetting the bar for all other affordable headphones yet to come.