Your LG TV is gaining new functionality and offers with the addition of NVIDIA GeForce Now game streaming, as well as support for both Apple Music, and a bonus offer for anyone looking to check out Apple TV+.

Apple Music

The big news for Apple Music users today is that they they can now stream their tunes directly from their Web OS enabled TV. Having Apple Music on the TV will give users access to 4K resolution  music videos. as well as more than 30,000 playlists and Apple Music Radio live streaming today’s hits, classics, and country.

Owners of LG TVs will find the Apple Music app in the LG Content Store, and you will of course need your Apple ID to sign-in if you have an existing account – or you can sign up for the Apple Music free trial which can give you 3-months to check it out.

Apple TV+

While LG has offered the Apple TV+ app on their TVs for a little while, LG TV owners can now also take advantage of a 3-month trial offer. 

The LG/Apple TV+ promotion runs until February 14th next year, offering a 3-month trial to owners of all compatible 2016 to 2021, 8K and 4K LG Smart TVs. It’s a decent offering, giving you access to all the popular titles like the cult-favourite Ted Lassoo, Morning Wars and new content like the upcoming Tom Hanks film: Finch.

You’ll be able to experience the Apple TV+ content in surround sound and with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on supported models, and navigation is a breeze with the LG Magic remote on LG 2018 and up model Smart TVs. 

To try it out you can jump into the LG Content Store and download the Apple TV+ app to get started. 

NVIDIA GeForce Now

The recent launch of NVIDIA GeForce Now in Australia has heated up the topic of game streaming, and now LG has brought a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce Now app to their TVs. 

For those not in the know, Nvidia’s GeForce Now service lets you stream games from your Steam, EPIC, Ubisoft and GOG libraries to your PC, Mac, Chromebook and even your Android and iOS devices – but now you can just do it straight to select 2021 LG 4K OLED, QNED MiniLED and NanoCell TV models.

The launch is a partnership between LG Electronics and NVIDIA, which sees LG as the first TV manufacturer to develop a Smart TV app for GeForce NOW. It includes a little more with LG TV owners with compatible TV models able to instantly enjoy more than 35 free-to-play games with  a compatible controller and  no additional hardware required.  

In Australia you can try GeForce Now for free with 1-hour sessions available on their free tier, or you can enjoy extended gaming sessions up to 6-hours with their $19.99 per month premium tier plan. 

The GeForce Now app will be rolling out to the LG Content Store this week, so jump in to install it on your LG SmartTV now.