Microsoft has announced overnight that Xbox Cloud Gaming, their game streaming service is launching on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Consoles from today.

Xbox Cloud Gaming for consoles will allow users to play Game Pass games from the cloud rather than installing it locally to their Xbox. For Xbox Series X|S owners this will allow them to try a game without taking up valuable storage space, while the big news for older Xbox One Console owners, is that it will allow them to experience higher end visuals and performace with the streaming back-end of Xbox Cloud Gaming supported by latest-gen Xbox Series hardware.

The rollout of Xbox Cloud Gaming will begin today but as a staggered rollout with final completion to available users ‘over the coming weeks’ says Microsoft.

To take advantage of Xbox Cloud Gaming on your console you’ll need to be subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which costs $15.95AU per month

The rollout of Xbox Cloud Gaming caps an already busy week for Microsoft, who celebrated the 20th anniversary of Xbox earlier this week. The anniversary saw goodies for Xbox players come thick and fast including the early launch of Halo: Infinite Multiplayer, as well as Microsoft bringing 70+ more Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Consoles as part of their Backwards Compatibility program.

The update to include Xbox Cloud Gaming on consoles will be included as part of the November release says Microsoft, so if you’re keen to give your older Xbox One a performance boost, or even just save some space on your new Series X|S, this looks like a great option.