Electric scooters are some of the coolest things to witness, going fast on something you normally have to push to get going is fascinating to watch. So the Ducati Pro-I Evo is very cool to watch, with the 350W brushless motor to power its speed, it is one of the fastest scooters on the market.

If you’re looking for a scooter – why not get one with a brand that stands out:)

The Ducati scooter has many interesting features with the front-wheel-drive being where the motor is located giving it that smooth acceleration. This scooter is not the best launch and acceleration as it takes a bit of time to get to full speed but it’s top speed is very fast with it averaging 25-27 km/h (may differ with rider weight/height) on flat ground.

The battery lasts for about 25-30km on full with a 3-5 hour charging time involved in filling it up. The scooter has a LED display on the handles to provide you with information on speed, battery, mode and more. With a button controlling power, mode and lights. The LED lights are on the back and front with one being activated by the button and the other when you brake.

The weight of the scooter is about 14.5kg which is extremely light for a scooter with that much power. The scooter also uses an anti-vibration folding system giving you the ability to ride with the handles shaking as you go over bumps. The folding is very useful with the weight as it allows you to carry it with a lot more ease than other scooters.

I took the scooter to a private path and rode around for a while. The scooter for me takes a lot longer than others to accelerate yet once it gets going can hold that speed around corners. For those areas that are able to ride electric scooters everwhere this is perfect for getting you from A to B but for those who want it for the speed other scooters (such as the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter or the Unagi Model One) are better options as they can be a lot faster for those who tuely want to feel the speed.

The Ducati Pro-I EVO is available at Harvey Norman for $899. In some Australian states, electric scooters are illegal to ride on the road and path but some states are trialling the use of electric scooters so check the laws for your area.