I often say that TVs are really much of a muchness when you are looking at the same style of TV and the same size and price range. But interestingly, Philips is offering something with a real step up when you look at basic comparisons before buying.

Let’s just remember, there’s only one company that makes OLED panels for TVs – LG Display. That company is different to LG Electronics who make the LG Gallery, C1 and other OLED TVs. I’ve been to the factory, It’s amazing, and the company really does operate independently of the consumer brand – that’s how Sony ended up with that under-screen acoustic Audio stuff at CES a few years ago – they picked it up from LG Display, LG Electronics didn’t.

So if you assume that the Panel on any OLED TV comes from the same factory, what the individual brands have left to offer is the design of the TV, the processing power of the TV and the operating system.

In the case of Philips, there’s one other thing too. Lighting. Using their LED light technology on the back of the TV, Philips Ambilight offers coloured lighting to match the content or sound on screen.

We looked at this in their 75 Inch LED TV, it’s awesome – but when you have OLED picture quality paired with this additional ambient lighting, its a real winner.

On the design front, this thing is no slouch. Philips offer two stand choices, with low “feet” for an almost flush to your cabinet look, or taller feet if you’re using a sounder or something. Chrome look to the stands is a nice touch.

Processing power wise, Philips say this has their own image processing built in, and while I can’t really put it head to head with LG and Sony, I can tell you it looks great, but if that’s your number 1 concern, I’d be seeking much more detailed reviews, because that’s where Sony really excels.

For me, the big advantage of this TV over the LG C1 for example, is Android.

Android TV offers loads of apps, easy use and the processor driving it certainly is good enough to make that a slick experience.

Right now I’m seeing it $500 less than the LG C1 – and for me, that’s a no brainer.

$3,495 at Harvey Norman is a lot of money for a 65 inch TV, but heck it looks great. Don’t ever let anyone try tell you that OLED isn’t the most desirable screen technology in TV – it is. And for good reason.

Now, with Philips adding Ambilight direct into the TV, it’s a really great movie or TV experience watching the Philips 65-inch 805 Series 4K UHD OLED Android TV.