Now and then you come across a crazy deal – and as the end of financial year sales ramp up we’re looking for all sorts of things to buy. One of Samsung’s biggest TVs is on sale now at a frankly awesome price.

The Samsung Q70A is a 2021 TV, and the 85 inch version was listed by Samsung as a $5,829 TV when it launched just three months ago and while the retail price was probably more like $4,999 when it hit stores, the sale price right now is staggering.

And it’s a price war too. We’ve found it online at these prices:

Cracking prices, and while you might want for an 8K TV when you go 85 inches, I can tell you as someone who has an 85 inch 4K TV at my place, they look amazing.

The benefit of this TV is it’s a QLED, it’s got all the Samsung operating features and apps, and hey – it’s HUGE!

Seriously epic deal.