This was an easy decision. Flipsy’s review of the Palisade drew controversy in the comments, calling it a better Family car than the hugely popular Toyota Prado.

He said “if you’re in the market for a big family hauler you would be mad to not consider the Palisade – in seven seat Highlander guise it really is a fabulous car.”

Of course, since then, the new 300 series Landcruiser has arrived, and you’d have to say that’s a strong contender. Quite possibly many others will see that as a category leader. It’s off-road capabilities are immense.

But we look at this as realists. Where are most of these cars being driven? Who’s buying them?

On that front the Palisade is undeniably the better buy than an off-road capable SUV.

The fit, finish, trim level, features, miles ahead, and as supply ramps up, you will see many more Palisade’s on the road – we’re sure of that. They’re like our equivalent of the big American SUV’s.

Looks great, drives great, comfort for days. An easy choice for EFTM’s Best SUV Award for 2021.