A very broad category “Best Gadget”, but one that allows even the simplest of things, or quirky to be considered for an EFTM Best award.

This year, another easy decision. The Apple Airtag was always going to win an award – it’s the best of it’s kind, a step ahead of all similar “trackers” on the market, and just so cool.

Best Gadget seemed fitting, because it really is a nifty little gadget, we knew that from our first use.

I even used Airtags to track parcels across the country, worked a treat!

For the price, for the convenience of always knowing exactly where your “things” are in your home, or roughly where they are outside your home – it’s a no brainer that an Apple Airtag is a great gadget gift, let alone must have for anyone with keys!

Apple Airtags, EFTM’s Best Gadget award winner for 2021.