Well put me in a pickle, this is a tough category right? So many great products released this year, so many options.

And easily therefore the most contentious of them all?

Apple Airpods – great, but they just don’t fit me well, and if that’s what happens to me, has to happen to others. Sorry, but great quality must be matched by a great fit.

Sony 1000’s, awesome quality, but a big unit in the ear, offputting for some, and also a high price.

I won’t name them all – but I found something to say about them all, except the JBL Live Pro+.

These are outstanding music quality. Their Noise Cancelling is excellent, but for me there’s two things that tipped them over the edge outside of music quality.

Design, and Price.

They look great, smaller bud, smaller stalk, sleek design to the stalk with that little JBL logo.

The price – $249 – and I bought some last week at $178. Ridiculous for the value.

For me, in a tight race, the JBL Live Pro+ TWS take the prize, and that’s why they are the EFTM Best Wireless Sound award winner for 2021.