What on earth is a Quantum Dot? TV Tech Explained

What on earth is a quantum dot?  It’s a term you’ve probably heard in recent years referring to the latest and greatest TVs..

Every TV picture is made up of millions and millions of pixels which, using their colours, create the picture you see on screen.

A TV with quantum dot technology aims to enhance the picture coming from those pixels using an ultra thin layer of quantum dots – impossible to see with the naked eye…

These quantum dots ensure that the colour coming from each pixel is separated out on its way to you, so there is no merging of colours that might change your impression of the colours being shown.

The quantum dots help give a more realistic representation of the colours – it doesn’t directly improve the quality of your picture, in this case it’s a stunning ultra high definition 4K screen – but the more realistic representation of colour means you’re noticing a stark different between the true-to-life colours on a TV with quantum dots and a screen without them.

There is also a slight boost in the energy rating of many TVs with quantum dots so there’s a hip pocket benefit too.

On Hisense TV’s you’ll find quantum dots on the premium Series 8 and 9 ULED 4K models, it’s worth taking a look to see the difference some microscopic quantum dots can make.

Produced in partnership with Hisense Australia

What on earth is a Quantum Dot? TV Tech Explained
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