The 2022 CES is just hours away from kicking off, and from what we can see it’s a little bit the same and a whole lot different.

In the weeks leading up to the event plenty of stories circulated about the companies withdrawing from the show making it seem like it was a shambles.

But the reality is, CES is happening with or without those companies.

We’ve had an exclusive look inside the show halls in Las Vegas and there’s no doubt going to look different – spacious perhaps, but those that are still exhibiting seem to be doing so in the same big way.

LG’s booth is a strange one, the company has not formally withdrawn from the event, but the usual OLED walls and caverns are gone, replaced by an open, spacious floor only with signs guiding people through their new product offerings – with no actual new products likely on display.

Panasonic is stranger still, the company did announce they were withdrawing but their stand still seems to be large, though what it looks like on the first day of the show may be vastly different – again perhaps going for a contact free look but don’t touch showcase of new innovations.

Hisense is here in full swing, with a new location, lots of products, and a major focus on their US market no doubt.

Samsung too – their normal huge walled stand protected by a privacy curtain until the opening day.

For every big booth, there are several just empty spaces. The space Mercedes Benz planned to occupy is nothing more than carpet.

How CES show organisers account for this is yet to be seen. Lounges and spaces to relax? Or just empty spots to cut through as you browse.

From our look inside the Central, North and West halls (the South Halls are not at all in use this year), there is a strong mix of large and small exhibitors – just how many attendees they are greeted with on day one of the show is yet to be seen.

EFTM is here, our studio and office is ready for us to produce content for Social, and TV all week – so stay tuned!

Every participant is vaccinated, with a special “vaccine review” required before you get your show credentials – they’ve done everything they can to keep the show running, now – we wait and see how it goes.