At CES 2022 over in Las Vegas LG has introduced a new lineup of audio products with models offering premium performance for home cinema, music and gaming experiences.  

The lineup is headed up by the premium LG soundbar, model S95QR, boasting an output of a whopping 810W and 9.1.5 channels of surround sound.  There are five up-firing speakers including three on the soundbar and two in the rear speakers.  These up-firing speakers are designed to improve clarity and enlarge the virtual sound stage.

The soundbar supports Dolby Atmos and DST:X audio and is IMAX Enhanced to provide 3D audio for compatible content.  An upgrade on last year’s model, the LG S95QR features new speaker drivers, speaker chambers and subwoofer.  The wireless rear speakers in the premium setup have been improved with now six channels instead of four, with four front/side drivers to accompany the two up-firing drivers.

Other notable features include the ability to up-mix two channel audio to 7.1-channels for a more realistic surround sound, a variable refresh rate and auto low latency mode making it perfect for console gamers and support for high-quality music streaming services.  There is of course support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to control playback on the speakers.

The ability to tailor the sound to your room size is performed by LG’s AI Room Calibration makes setup a breeze. LG also offers a WOWCAST Wi-Fi dongle (optional extra) to enable streaming of lossless multi-channel audio, so there’s no drop in sound quality when you use the wireless setup.

The LG audio lineup will be available in Australia in the coming months with full pricing and availability details yet to be announced.

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