I think we all had a Casio keyboard as a kid, nifty little thing, probably cost $20 at Kmart and annoyed our families and parents in particular with ease. Sure, some people went on to be musicians, but the rest of us struggle. And it’s not just the music, it’s the singing we struggle with. Casio is changing that with a new Casiotone keyboard that will sing your lyrics for you.

Yep, you read that right. Using a solid on-board processor, and linked with a smartphone app – you can type lyrics into the app, and the keyboard will sing them for you.

Malcolm Pogue from Casio Music Australia says “The CT-S1000V is a new kind of electronic musical instrument which uses Casio’s unique Vocal Synthesis sound source technology enabling you to take lyrics from your smart device and—using one of the range of built-in vocal tones—lets you play the vocal line using the keyboard,”

“The CT-S1000V is not a conventional synthesizer or keyboard, nor is it a simple production device; instead it opens up possibilities for unprecedented freedom and creativity in vocal performances,” said Mr Pogue.

“The instrument allows you to change the voice tone, add and tweak effects in real time while playing, allowing you to bring vocals to your performance as intuitively as if you were humming them.”

“Professional and aspiring songwriters can hear their own lyrics sung as they play the melody on the keyboard and it is not limited to a specific melody for your vocal as you’re free to get inspired as you experiment with different musical ideas.” 

“It’s more than just another sound source as the musical possibilities are endless and will capture the interests of  musicians and producers, of all levels, including beginners.”

All this will set you back just $799.95 – available soon – now, I just wanna hear one sing!