There’s no doubt they’re the hottest property right now, and if you’ve got a sniffle or a cough we’re all being told to take a Rapid Antigen Test or RAT as they’re now known. But where do you find them?

In recent weeks a website launched helping Aussies find local retailers with stock, showing what they are charging and how many are in stock. Perhaps great if you’re willing to roll the dice on getting there first, but for a many families it’s really just about getting some in the house for that inevitable need to do a test.

Fortunately, online shopping comes to the rescue with Rapid Tests Online launching today.

The website offers Rapid Antigen Tests in single packs, five packs and packs of twenty tests.

At $14.95, $59.95 and $195.95 the prices are very much in line with major pharmacies.

You’ll pay $12 postage for delivery within 2-8 days, or $22 for express post.

EFTM spoke to the operators of the site, and we’re assured the stock is on hand in their Sydney warehouse, with dispatches daily, so delivery is really all up to Australia Post.

Rather than being for urgent use, Rapid Tests Online seems a great option for those looking to stock their medicine cupboard or drawer for that inevitable test in the weeks or months ahead.

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