I’ve had quite a few dashcams before, but I’ve always taken the cheap, no-name, poor quality options because I’m tight.

When it comes to the quality of the images, some have been a complete waste of money and others seem to do okay. This time around I tried the Uniden iGo 90R 4K camera and it is more than okay. As you would expect with a resolution of 3840 X 2160, when you need it most, the level of detail is more than enough to capture number plates and other details, crucial to you if you ever get in an accident or incident.

In the box:

  • 4K (2160P) Front camera with a capture angle of 135°, a 3.16ʺ widescreen display and a microSD card slot for up to 128gb capacity
  • Mounting adhesives X 4 and static protective film
  • Power cable (12v Power outlet – cigarette lighter to mini-USB)
  • HD Rear camera (1080P) with a capture angle of 150°
  • 6m Rear to Front camera cable
  • Micro sd to USB adapter
  • Plastic installation tool


Now anyone who’s tried to install anything in their car wonders why they bothered in the first place. Plenty of grunts and groans and some choice words came with the installation. Not that this is Uniden’s fault. Any dash cam where you don’t want to see cables comes with the challenge of hiding them under rubber seals and cowlings.

The addition of a rear facing camera this time around made that just that a little more challenging with the need to run an extra cable from the front to the back of the car.

Tip #1

Installation is easier if you actually look in the box to find the supplied plastic tool to help you lift the rubber seals to tuck the cables in

The rear camera connects directly to the front camera via the supplied cable. It does not need its own power source. At 6m however it was a tad short for my vehicle as I tried to hide the cable completely by running along door seals and under carpet. Going straight from the front to the rear via the headlining would have been plenty but for me it turned out to be about 300mm short to make it completely hidden in my mid-sized SUV.

Tip # 2

When you finish tucking those cables in and you wonder why the rear camera isn’t working, don’t go with your gut instinct and assume it’s faulty like I did. It works best when you remember to plug the cable in. DOH

After a long day of driving where I found the camera did well in alerting me to fixed speed and red light cameras, I was keen to take a look at the acquired footage which includes GPS co-ordinates and speed recordings.

What a great innovation being able to look at a single incident from two different angles. I am sure before long, rear facing cameras will be the new norm and the 90R rear camera is really handy to view multiple points-of-view of that accident or tailgating incident.

The Uniden iGo app is designed to connect to your cameras via its own Wi-Fi network and allows you to quickly look at captured video plus make adjustments to settings etc.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself at the scene of an accident and anxious to grab the footage to prove your innocence you may find it frustrating using the app to find that particular video you wanted.

It’s not the best user experience connecting and downloading (slow transfer rates) but rest assured all that crucial information is on the card and in incredible detail. Time stamped and alternating between front and rear views.

I found that number plates and makes and models of other cars were extremely easy to make out. This is a big advantage of the 4K version of Uniden’s dashcam range.

Tip # 3

Make sure you buy a high speed Micro sd card as the data from the 4K front feed and HD rear resolution really gives the card a workout. I had to experiment with a couple of brands to get it to successfully write reliably.


So a great camera that captures incredible details at great resolution, let down a little by some sub-standard software.

If you are willing to remove the sd card and read it using the supplied adapter like most people would then Uniden’s dashcam is one of the best resolution cameras out there, feature packed and great design.

You’ll find the Uniden iGO Cam 90R for $349.95