A “True to life picture” is what Samsung is promising from it’s 2022 range of TVs and I hear you, you are thinking – “how could it get any better?” and to a point that’s true, but as each year passes new innovations tick that benchmark a touch higher – for the better.

Things like controlling the shape of light that comes from the LEDs to ensure you get the best picture. That’s new.

Increasing from 12 to 14 bit on the luminance scale – not something the average eye will see, but for some or in some scenes or some menu screens this could be huge – it’s a step up in HDR quality.

The new NEO Quantum processor is pushing the quality with new AI techniques analysing Shapes and Lines and surfaces being displayed to produce what Samsung call “Real Depth Analyser” which allows the screen to use like a 3D effect that doesn’t actually display a third dimension but instead highlight and focus on the quality of an object.

Likewise that same AI is helping to control the shape of light coming from the LEDs as mentioned above.

But it’s not just the raw quality of the picture that improves. The overall viewing comfort is important too. With Eye Comfort Mode, the NEO QLED screens will adjust the light, even adjust the screen colours based on the sunlight in your room, perhaps decrease blue-light in the darker rooms.

Sound may well be the biggest leap forward though, with new improvements to the Object Tracking Sound system with Human Tracking sound. This allows the TV to identify people on the screen, know they are talking, and push the sound from that area of the screen for a higher level of realism.

Additionally, powerful upward firing speakers on the top model offer a 6.2.4 channel sound system with 90W of power.

Those upward firing speakers also mean you’re getting Dolby Atmos direct from the TV too.

Design wise, I’m not sure it’s possible for Samsung to improve their NEO QLED range, so the look is similar, just with some tweaks around the back to allow for those new speaker arrays.

For users, there are also new Smart Calibration tools using your smartphone, as well as a whole new Smart Hub user interface for finding and resuming your favourite content.

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