At CES there’s a push for innovation and big new things, shiny new things – but Samsung’s Lifestyle TV announcement for 2022 is almost the opposite.

The Frame is back, The Serif is Back, the Sero is back – all not new. But also, not shiny. And by that – I mean the screen.

Key among the improvements is a new matte display film over the screen which reduces the glare and reflection on the screen.

That’s a big deal for bright sun-lit Aussie lounge rooms, and while we haven’t reviewed it up close yet, I can’t imagine it won’t still be exceptional viewing in the darker periods of the day because the TV itself is still a top notch QLED.

Samsung say this offers a more realistic viewing experience when in the Art mode which is what the Frame for example is best known for.

They’ve sold two million Lifestyle TVs already, a million of which were just last year – so they know it’s a globally popular range. I expect the artwork will look better because it’s a less “glass” like screen and thus allow a closer inspection and a more natural hanging artwork look in any room.

Art Mode itself also gets an upgrade, making it easier to browse art, and flick between Ambient and Art modes in a single interface.

No word yet on when these new models, particularly an updated Serif and Frame will hit Australia.

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