Not looking to slow down from a very busy device launch season right across 2021, TCL look set to continue that with eight handsets in the 30 Series revealed at CES 2022.

EFTM has seen a total of eight different devices coming from TCL in 2022, all under the TCL 30 series banner.

Of course, its unlikely any one market or country will see them all, with different variations suited to different consumers, networks and market segments.

Additionally within the range are great features like AMOLED displays, stereo speakers and of course great designs.

But importantly also, great prices as TCL is known for.

This was just a tease for the phones, we’ll see more of the TCL range in detail and likely get a sense of which of the range will hit Australia when the company showcases it’s range at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February.

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