Known most for their TVs, the last few years has been a huge leap forward for TCL’s own brand electronics in a range of new market segments. Mobile phones, something they’ve done for a long time – now branded TCL. Smart Glasses – a pioneering technology, as well as tablets and more.

At CES this year, the company unveiled a range of new products, including their first Windows Laptop.

Stefan Streit from TCL says “As we enter our third year as the TCL Mobile brand, we are thrilled to continue building and expanding into even more product categories while also enhancing the user experience in the tablet space,”

“Our CES product portfolio emphasizes the importance of our children’s education, and we are dedicated to providing features and solutions to our users, regardless of age, that help promote learning and growth.”

An innovative new tablet is coming, the NXTPAPER 10s and what makes this different is its core focus on eye health. Blue light reduction not just a feature, but the key feature. 50% reduction in blue light, with clear view from all angle

But the real innovation is also the screen texture. Writing on a tablet with a stylus just isn’t like writing on paper. But the NXTPAPER 10s has a screen finish which will feel more natural when jotting down notes when paired with the T-Pen.

In a first for TCL, the TCL Book 14 Go is a Windows 11 laptop designed for students and young professionals. It has a slim bezel and metal frame, just 13.95mm thin which will be a big selling point in its price range, and weighs just 1.3kg.

The best thing TCL has done is include 4G connectivity, that paired with great battery life will make this a perfect cafe worker, or school PC.

With a US price of just $349, this will be a fascinating one to watch if it makes it to Australia.

There are also new budget tablets, the TCL 8 4G and Tab 10L, but the standout might actually be the kids tablets.

Part of the TKEE series, the Mini, Mid and Max tablets are 100% aimed at kids. A user interface for kids, with safety and responsibility built in. Rugged bumper case included and eye-safe screens.

These will do very well in the Aussie market hopefully soon into 2022.

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