The vultures are circling, the rumours are getting more defined and all signs lead to Apple’s first big event of the year happening in March with a new iPhone about to drop.

But it’s not the iPhone 14. Nope, this will be the 3rd generation iPhone SE. Almost two years ago – as the world started to drop into full blown pandemic mode, the iPhone SE reemerged.

That second generation phone had the body of an iPhone 8 with the power and performance of the iPhone 11.

Fast forward to 2022, and it seems Apple’s “entry level” device is overdue for an upgrade.

However, don’t assume we’re going to see FaceID, or a full-screen display.

It’s most likely the 3rd Generation iPhone SE will feature the same body, same display but with an upgraded camera and processor.

An improved aperture down to f/1.6, alongside the A15 Bionic chip. That’s the iPhone 13’s basic features in the body of an iPhone 8.

Retaining TouchID is a great thing in a world of Face Masks, if they can bring Cinematic Mode to the SE it would be something to behold – unlikely however.

Most importantly, this is a device that will be priced at or around $700, and allow for the same level of iOS upgrades as the iPhone 13 is getting.

All this is speculation – we don’t have an announcement yet – but expect Apple to hold a virtual event in the early hours of March the 9th here in Australia.