We often see leaks and rumours of upcoming phones in the days and weeks leading up to announcements with some of them sketchy at best but today we have seen an official reseller list the Samsung Galaxy S22 for sale on their eBay account.

Over on their eBay account Bing Lee has listed the Pink Gold version of the plain Samsung Galaxy S22 for sale for $1,249. The pricing for this 128GB version is exactly the same as it was last year for the Galaxy S21 so that is no great surprise. Of course with the announcement later this week and the speed of the post these days purchasing it now is very little difference to just walking in store later this week and buying it. One this this may indicate though is that there will be no pre-order this year and instead it will just be available to purchase from day one.

The rest of the phone is no surprise either with the camera module and volume and power buttons located the in the same position as last year. The images also match the leaks we saw recently so we are fairly confident this is a Galaxy S22 we are looking at — although it would be difficult to distinguish between that leak and last year’s Galaxy S21 images (and these images).

The Bing Lee ad does not give us any specific details on the internal specs of the phone but with the announcement set for Thursday this week it won’t be long before we have the official details on the phones themselves.

Stay tuned to EFTM Thursday morning this week as we bring you all the relevant details straight from Samsung themselves.