Wearing headphones for long periods when gaming can be hard on your ears, but Panasonic is offering a new option with their wearable gaming surround sound SoundSlayer Speaker which is launching in Australia this week.

Priced at $329, the wearable speaker is aimed at all levels from casual gamers, teenagers, families through to up-and-coming eSports enthusiasts. Weighing 244 grams, the speakers are designed for wearing for extended sessions gaming, or just watching movies or listening to music.

The SoundSlayer Speaker (SC-GN01) incorporates four speakers for surround sound which builds immersion in gaming with sound coming from all directions. There’s also a high-performance noise and echo canceling dual microphone built-in to let you chat with other players clearly without interference from the speakers.

The speaker has three gaming modes which optimise audio developed in partnership with the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online sound team letting players select or switch to and from ‘role-playing’, ‘first person shooter’ and ‘voice’ modes. For when you’re not gaming though you can also select for optimised Music, Cinema, and Stereo modes. The modes, as well as volume and mic muting can be controlled from four buttons located on either side of the device.

Featuring wired USB and AUX options for low latency gaming audio, there’s a three-metre-long USB cable included, as well as a 3.5mm audio cable for devices without USB.

Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Imaging & Technics at Panasonic Australia said:

We know more Australian gamers are searching for ways to immerse themselves in the fast-growing video gaming community which has never been more accessible, due to the rise of online gaming and vlogging on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. At the heart of every enjoyable video game experience is powerful and authentic sound and Panasonic is proud to support gamers with a rich audio experience and ultimate comfort via the SoundSlayer Speaker.

The Panasonic SoundSlayer Speaker (SC-GN01) is available now for $329 AUD RRP from Amazon.