One of Apple’s great advantages in the smartphone camera world isn’t the iPhone itself, but the ability to utilise captured content to create movies. iMovie is available on Mac’s, iPhones and iPads, and today it got a major upgrade to iMovie 3.0.

The advantage I point to is the serious lack of video editing software on Microsoft Windows, and even Android Phones. Contrast that with the availability of iMovie on all Apple devices and the power to make a great movie from the videos you’ve recorded on your iPhone with a simple drag and drop and literally no video editing experience.

Apple’s update to iMovie are related directly to that entry level video editor, with Storyboards for constructing your idea, and Magic Movie to put the power of movie making into the software itself.

Storyboards allow you to choose from 20 different storyboards in a variety of genres such as Q&As, Product Reviews, News reports and more.

Magic Movie is even easier still. With a few taps or clicks, iMovie will create a movie for you. Magic Movie will identify what it sees as the best parts of the footage, and compile into a polished video with titles transitions and music.

iMovie remains free, and the new version is available now.