While tens of thousands of Aussie homes have installed security cameras inside and outside their home thanks to the latest battery powered wireless cameras, for those with remote properties or construction sites that don’t have an internet connection they need a solution that relies on our mobile networks. The Arlo Go 2 is the latest generation to fit that very need.

It might be a holiday home, perhaps the site of your new home being built. Or you might have a boat on a mooring, or be travelling the country in your caravan – these are all times when the traditional WiFi connected smart cameras just won’t cut it.

Enter the new gen Arlo Go 2 which will use the 4G signal of any SIM card and ensure you get notifications and cloud recordings of what’s going on where you can’t be.

Fully wireless, with a large battery right out of the box, the Arlo Go 2 can be fitted outdoors thanks to the weatherproof design, and you can connect an optional Arlo Solar panel to ensure you never need to recharge the battery.

Retailing for $429 it’s an all in one solution that you only need to throw a SIM card with an active data plan into for it to work.

1080p full HD video all times of the day, built-in spotlight and the ability to have a full-duplex two-way conversation using your mobile phone from anywhere you are.

Critically, the Arlo Go 2 also has a built in GPS allowing you to track the cameras location – important if it gets stolen, or if the item you’ve attached it to – like your caravan or tool-trailer.

Arlo Go 2 builds on the success of its Arlo Go predecessor, serving as the most versatile solution for anyone seeking wire-free security for hard-to-access locations,” said Brad Little, Vice President & Managing Director – Arlo APAC. “Arlo Go 2’s ability to operate on either a mobile network or Wi-Fi puts the power in the hands of the user, allowing them to select the best connection for their use case. Round-the-clock security is enhanced further when Arlo Go 2 is paired with Arlo Secure for one touch interactive notifications.”

Complete features of the Arlo Go 2 4G + Wi-Fi Security Camera include:

  • Intelligent, Take-Anywhere Security – Connect to 4G network or use 4G as a backup while directly connected to Wi-Fi1
  • 100% Wire-Free Design – A swappable rechargeable battery powers the Arlo Go 2, eliminating cords and wiring hassles for a sleek install anywhere
  • All-Weather Protection – A weather-resistant design ensures the camera can withstand heat, cold, rain, and sun
  • Secure Local Storage – Users without an Arlo Secure subscription can opt to insert a secure microSD card into the camera to store videos directly on the device for later access and viewing2
  • Two-Way Audio – Hear and speak to visitors clearly with superior audio quality
  • See More at Night – View critical details in colour night vision with an integrated spotlight for better identification
  • See Clearer Images in HD – View, zoom, and capture clear 1080p video
  • Built-In Siren – Users can trigger the siren remotely or automatically during an emergency or when they notice an intruder
  • Easily Locate the Camera – Recover or locate camera placement with GPS positioning

We’ll have a full review of the Arlo Go 2 very soon.