If you don’t know what Destiny 2 is, that’s ok, it’s not your game, but for hardcore fans and players this is a big deal. Imagine a case for your Xbox controller to keep it safe and protected while in your backpack on your way to a mates place.

That’s exactly what July has done.

Custom cases for a set of controller giveaways that are happening during the annual Guardian Games.

The competition sees fans celebrate their favorite class in the game, with players competing against each other to gather medals for individual and class wins.

Fans can win these cases by following team leaders who will be doing giveaways of a controller and case, and there will also be an Xbox ANZ comp – likely on Facebook if they follow trends of the past.

July Founder Athan Didaskalou said, “We’re excited to be helping launch these dedicated controller cases to protect your gear on the move. We’ve noticed a lot of gamers love to travel and love that we could partner with Bungie to make something unique.”

No matter what, you’ve gotta say it looks great!