Logitech are one of the leaders in PC peripheral hardware for a reason – they make well-built products that are focused on what we, the consumer, wants and needs.  Their newest devices are a small upgrade for the flagship mouse, now the MX Master 3S and two new mechanical productivity keyboards, the MX Mechanical and the MX Mechanical Mini.

MX Mechanical Keyboards

The last couple of years has seen a renaissance in the use of mechanical keyboards but until now they were of limited use for productivity purposes.  Mechanical keyboards are normally reserved mostly for gaming but Logitech have added a couple of keyboards that offer not just a great gaming experience but bring with them an MX Master series experience.

The MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini offer low profile mechanical switches in three varieties.  For those familiar with gaming switches you will feel right at home with the option of:

  • Brown key switches – Tactile Quiet: Logitech’s quietest mechanical keyboard while still offering the mechanical feel of typing
  • Red key switches – Linear: uninterrupted key travel and minimal spring force for fast reactivity and a smooth typing feeling
  • Blue Switches – Clicky: a “gratifying, audible click and tactile feedback”.  

To check out the difference in noise for each switch you can listen over at the Logitech website.  Both keyboards and all switch choices offer smart backlighting in six options and automatic brightness adjustment based on ambient light.

MX Master 3S mouse

The MX Master series of mice are a lot of people’s favourite mouse and for good reason.  They are comfortable in the hand and offer a vast array of options.  The new upgrade to the MX Master 3 is the MX Master 3S, signifying an incremental upgrade but if you are in the market for a new mouse it may well be worth going with the newer version.

The MX Master 3S incorporates Logitech’s new Quiet Click which, according to Logitech, offers a 90% quieter click than the previous generation.  Having used Quiet Click on a few different mice I can say that the feel and sound are amazing and a great experience.  The dull thud and tactile sensation still let you know that you clicked the mouse button but the whole house/office doesn’t.

The DPI of the MX Master 3S also gets an upgrade, now at 8,000 DPI, and can track “on most surfaces including glass”.  The scroll wheel is the MagSpeed Electromagnetic wheel that can zip through 1,000 lines in a second.  The shape of it looks to be incredibly similar to all other MX Master series mice and thus should be relatively ergonomically sound and comfortable.  Other features include both Bluetooth and Logitech Flow connectivity with the included USB dongle.

Both the new mice and the keyboards look to be great additions to the already large Logitech accessories range and we are looking forward to checking them out when they land here in Australia in July. The MX Mechanical, MX Mechanical Mini and MX Master 3S will be available on logitech.com and at selected retailers. The suggested retail price for the MX Mechanical keyboard is $269.95, MX Mechanical Mini keyboard is $229.95 and MX Master 3S is $169.95.