Luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer has announced they’re bringing the ability to view NFTs to their latest smartwatch, the Connected Calibre E4.

NFT’s, or Non-fungible tokens have become popular of late allowing artists to assert ownership over digital collectibles and artworks using the blockchain for tracking. 

TAG has partnered with Ledger, makers of the hardware crypto wallet for their NFT integration. Allowing owners to connect the TAG Calibre E4 to their crypto wallet and guarantee the authenticity of their NFTs. The new function also supports Metamask for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.

The update will be in the form of the new Lens Watch Face which will be made available to the Calibre E4 smartwatch through an update via Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

The Lens Watch Face will display NFTs, as well as the time in three unique ways, including a new conceptual design with a triangle and a circle representing minutes and hours. The update will also allow users to connect their crypto wallet, find their NFT and then resize it for the round screen and display it on the Lens watch face, where they’ll be displayed in a hexagon with a cloud of particles gravitating around the image.

The Lens Watch Face will support both static and animated NFTs with animations looping infinitely to allow you to enjoy the artwork to its fullest.

It’s not the first time TAG has dipped their toes into the crypto pool. TAG recently announced a new partnership with BitPay which allows customers to purchase TAG Heuer watches from their US website with Bitcoin or Ethereum. The update should be available to Calibre E4 owners soon.