We’ve been using Arlo cameras for a very long time now, and they are in our minds the best choice for simple wire-free camera solutions. The Arlo Go 2 is the follow up to a very different style of camera, but takes the best of that and brings it alongside its sibling devices in so many ways.

Now, for $429 the Arlo Go 2 had want to deliver a whole lot more than just another camera. Because of course already there are plenty of Arlo Cameras to choose from. Pro vs Ultra for the choice of video quality, essential camera range where you don’t need for a Base station.

The Original Go was aimed at tradies looking to protect building sites, holiday home owners looking for an eye on things, or campers and caravan owners needing the security essentials we get at home, but aren’t easy to do on the go.

And it did that well.

But the Arlo Go 2 does the same, and a whole lot more. Most importantly, it enters the home security market. Hear me out.

Arlo Go 2 is an Arlo camera that can take a 4G SIM card allowing vision and alerts to be sent via the Arlo Secure cloud to users without the presence of WiFi. This is – as with the original, Ideal for Building sites, or remote properties.

Add to that an improved camera quality and better battery life and it’s a solid upgrade.

But the new Arlo Go 2 also includes GPS, so if a Tradie has one nicked from a Building site, they can track it down fast, as well as getting updates from the video camera itself.

I think any original Arlo Go customer or likely customer is a perfect candidate for the Arlo Go 2 as it’s a vastly improved version of the original.

But, in the home market, it plugs an important gap in all our home security systems.

Here’s my home Dashboard with Arlo:

Yes, I have every angle covered.

But when the power goes out, what security do you have? Sorry to say this, but a flick of the power switch and you’re wide open. That’s why I also have an Arlo camera in the Power Box. Well I did, until the Arlo Go 2.

As you can see, I’ve installed this on the Driveway, alongside an Existing Arlo Ultra.

Here’s the view from the Ultra:

Here’s the view from the Arlo Go 2

The Arlo Go 2 has Arlo Pro level camera quality, which is great, but there’s one simple reason why I want to keep the Arlo Go 2 as part of my overall home security approach. This:

We have a power outage, and I’m blind, but for the Arlo Go 2 with a 4G SIM card in it.

Yep, it keeps powering on.

Now, there’s a price to pay, a 4G SIM card with a data plan, but you can shop around and find the best deal there, likely one of those cheap 12 month plans.

You just never know when that will pay you back in spades.

While I can highly recommend the Arlo Go 2 for those with worksites, caravans or holiday homes. I strongly recommend the Arlo Go 2 to those of you with a multi-camera home security system – for peace of mind sealed with a long battery life and constant connectivity.

Buy now from Arlo, or JB HiFi