Amazon has announced a refresh of their Prime Video app, with an update rolling out with a more user-friendly layout, easier access to watching live and programmed sports and more. 

The update is focused on highlighting the broad selection of content including TV shows, movies and premium channels available on Amazon Prime Video, as well as their live and programmed sports. 

The redesign includes a more user-friendly navigation menu which has been simplified and is easily accessible anywhere in the app. Amazon says they’;ve moved the navigation menu to the side of the screen for their living room apps,  with six primary pages – Home, Store, Find, Live TV, Free with Ads, and My Stuff – giving you improved access to content. The new Live TV tab will also include streaming stations, including live sports and other events.

Amazon is highlighting the Sports programming, which will now appear as a sub-menu on the Home page to highlight content including NFL Thursday Night Football which will arrive on Prime Video later this year. Amazon’s Premium Channels will also allow fans faster access to sports on subscription services like MLB TV on Paramount+.

While Amazon Prime Video has become a bit of a favourite in our household thanks to some stellar shows like The Grand Tour, Clarkson’s Farm and Reacher, I’m also hotly anticipating new shows like The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series. It will be easier to find this content with the My Stuff tab letting you continue watching your favourites, or start new shows or movies you’ve previously tagged.

Amazon will make it easier to find this new content, using new carousels as part of the redesign. The new carousels will include videos with richer and more cinematic imagery to entice you, as well as show trending movies, shows and more, so you can see what’s popular.

I have had a small bug-bear with Prime Video which has been the new rental and purchase options, but the redesign will make it clearer what content is available as part of your base Prime Video subscription and what’s premium. A blue check mark will be on included content, while rentals, purchases and premium content will be marked with a shopping bag – and you can always click My Subscriptions to see what you have access to.

Overall, the new update will include a richer look and feel, highlighting the content and giving you a clearer idea of what it is – and most importantly, letting you jump in and start watching it faster. 

The updated Prime Video app will be pushed to their FireTV platform and Android app by mid-to-late August, with the new refresh also set to hit iOS and web users later this year.