For fans of mobile gaming the Backbone One has been a revelation, console-like controls with your iPhone attached so compatible games can be played without touch-screen but instead with buttons and sticks. Now, PlayStation fans can get in on the action with the new Backbone One – Playstation edition.

We loved the Backbone One so much, it won our EFTM Best Award for “Best Gaming” last year.

However, if you’re deep in the Playstation ecosystem, despite being able to play PS Remote Play on the Backbone one, you’re using Y-X-A-B controls like an Xbox instead of the shape buttons on the Playstation.

Backbone One Playstation edition has all the design elements of the new DualSense controller for the Playstation 5.

And while it looks completely different, it is in fact exactly the same. Save for the translucent D-Pad on the left, and similarly designed Shape control keys on the right, it’s all the same as the original Black Backbone One.

In fact, let me be clear, there is no functional difference between the two.

Playstation owners can control their Playstation Remotely with the PS Remote Play app on their iPhone today, and using the original Backbone One.

But that doesn’t matter when the controller looks like it’s from an Xbox. Thus, the creation of the Backbone One Playstation Edition.

Maneet Khaira, CEO of Backbone said today that the controller, which is officially licensed by Playstation was “brought to life by our design team in collaboration with the brilliant minds at PlayStation. The elegant colors, materials, and finishes are all inspired by the design of the PS5 console’s DualSense wireless controller, all the way down to the transparent face buttons and its visually distinctive, floating appearance.

This is the first product in the world not released by Sony to feature a Playstation logo – this is a big, big deal for Backbone.

Inside the Backbone app on iOS there is a dedicated Playstation carousel of content, and when you come from the PS App or PS Remote Play and scroll down, you’re in the “blue” Playstation branding, which is a great touch.

While the product itself isn’t “new” because it’s just a different colour, the real story here is the huge number of Playstation fans that it will attract, let alone the very solid effort Sony is putting into the product.

Announcing a third-party device on the Sony Playstation blog is mega for Backbone, just like getting the PlayStation logo on the device.

This is Sony, branding a product made directly for iPhone – and later this year we’re going to see a Backbone for Android too.

Plus, this is a sign that mobile and cloud gaming is huge right now. The future is close, and devices like the Backbone will play a huge role.

Well worth it if you love your mobile games, and if you’d love to be playing your Playstation when you’re not at home, because PS Remote Play is utterly awesome.

You can buy the Backbone One – Playstation Edition at JB HiFi now!