Of course it is, it had want to be right? $200,000 is the rough price you’ll be quoted if you reach out and express interest to Samsung in a Micro LED TV in the largest 110 inch size.

This is a very new TV, though it’s not new technology for Samsung. Introduced at CES 2018 as “The Wall” it’s a system of Micro LED modules which put together form a screen of pretty much any size.

For a little while now businesses and corporate installations have been able to utilise “The Wall” system for large screen displays but it’s only now Samsung has made this technology available to residential customers in Australia.

But you won’t see it in retail stores, this is very much a bespoke option (more on that trend soon), and with that top end price tag you can see why.

Having stood in front of several Micro LED TVs on the Samsung stand at IFA in Berlin I can tell you it’s mind blowing and in a very good way.

Now, I should preface this by saying Samsung’s Micro LED display was in the darkest area of the booth, so I’d want to see these Micro LED TVs in a bright room before I slapped down my life-savings.

The brightness is stunning, but importantly the blacks are true – because – kinda like OLED – you’re getting pixel by pixel LEDs.

The only detraction from this was that when the screen is off, and you stand on a 0-30 degree angle, you can very slightly see the joint between each module – but why would you ever have this TV off! It will feature Art Mode, making this the biggest “Frame” TV on offer:)

Jeremy Senior, Vice President – Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics Australia, says “Samsung’s state-of-the-art MICRO LED display delivers breathtaking visual experience on an ultra-large next-generation screen. As the market leader in TV for more than 16 years, Samsung continues to redefine the role of the TV and digital display in the home and the experiences that these products can deliver. We’re thrilled to introduce the Samsung MICRO LED to our residential customers in 2022.”

“With superb brightness, deep blacks, and breathtaking image quality, MICRO LED technology offers a ground-breaking viewing experience,” said Senior. “I’m thrilled to say, Australian customers are now able to personally experience how Samsung’s design and innovation teams have reimagined the in-home display with MICRO LED. MICRO LED is the pinnacle of our consumer range and represents the future of display technology.”

Legit impressive, but I doubt you’re going to arrive at a mates place for the Footy Finals and find them with a Micro LED TV – unless they win lotto!

Trevor Long travelled to Berlin with some assistance from Samsung Australia