It’s always a bit of a welcome surprise to hear an Australian accent when you call for customer service. Telstra has acknowledged this, announcing today that all their small business and consumer calls will be answered by Aussies.

Over the past few months, Telstra has employed over 2,000 Aussies to help bring about this new way of answering your questions over the phone. 

To bring about this immense new influx of Aussies answering your calls, Telstra is embracing the new hybrid working model. Staff are able to opt to work from home, meaning your calls may be answered by someone anywhere in Australia, even in your own street.

The move to Aussies on calls, answering your questions is part of the Telstra ‘T22’ strategy which launched four years ago which aimed to transform Telstra and build a customer experience that removed the things that frustrated customers. 

Telstra has seen the benefit of having local knowledge and understanding for customers, already. Andy Penn said that ‘During the Queensland floods earlier this year, we had customers in Brisbane speaking to local team members who understood first-hand the challenges they were facing. Being there – locals helping locals – this motivates our team every day’.

The Telstra T22 strategy is now completed, but Telstra has embarked on their T25 strategy which will build and improved on the work they’ve already done. Telstra is listening, so keep talking and telling them what you want.