We’ve written a lot about the brilliance of the Apple AirTag and the FindMy network that makes tracking down lost or stolen items a whole lot easier.

Our reader Graham lost $10,000 in gear but it was all recovered thanks to his Apple AirTags.

So, how else can you use AirTags – of course, keyrings are ideal, but here’s a bunch of other great accessories for using AirTags in great ways.

On your Bike!

This is sensational in its practicality and it’s design.

Firstly because it blends in so well to an existing bike. Secondly, because it would take some time to remove if you did spot it.

A simple mount that allows you to place an Apple AirTag on your bike so if it gets stolen you have a better chance of tracking it down.

Price: $29.95 – Online

Find my Dog

When your dog goes walkabout you might have some idea where it’s gone, but with an AirTag that idea might be narrowed down to a clearer direction, let alone precise location.

This one from Elevation Lab attaches to an existing collar and is a secure mount for the AirTag.

Price: $29.95 – Online

Fully waterproof Keyring

A keyring is great, but if you’re a boatie the water is a risk to any gadget like an AirTag.

So this one from Elevation Lab is certain to keep the AirTag dry for your Boat or JetSki keys

Price: $19.95 – Online

Your Glasses

Ok so you’re going to have that old-man look about you, but seriously, these are a game changer for people who lose their sunnies or glasses.

No different to any other head-strap, other than when you put them down for the night, you can find where you left them the next morning

Price: $49.95 – Online

Where’s my Wallet?

Nifty way to keep track of your wallet with this little sleeve from Elevation Lab. Place an AirTag in, slide it into a card slot and you’re sorted!

Price: $18.95 – Online

Your Car or Boat – no problem?

A bit more rugged, this one is for a more permanent install. Using 3M tape it can be removed, but not quickly, and there’s more tape included so when you change batteries you can re-mount it.

Put it inside the car glovebox, or on your boat, or inside a suitcase. A simple hard rugged place for your AirTag.

Price: $39.95 – Online

Grab an EFTM keyring for your AirTag

Of course for the simple keyring, we’d love you to buy an EFTM AirTag Keyring. Limited stock still available, if we get enough interest – we might do a second run!

Price: $13 including postage – Shop.EFTM.com

If you’ve got a great story of how you use AirTags or how AirTags helped you find something, let us know! Join the EFTM Man Cave on Facebook and tell us – or Email Trev!