Apple has announced the date for their September event, traditionally the event where the next generation iPhone is revealed ahead of its global launch. At the company’s headquarters in Cupertino there will be an event on September 7th, 3am on the morning of September 8 in Australia

While of course the official invitation gives nothing away, it is a clear sign that Apple is ready with its next round of products.

The event will likely take the same format as the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year, with a “viewing” of the online presentation, something Apple has made utterly slick since the pandemic and frankly has no reason to change.

Apple’s “Far Out” September event will be held in Steve Jobs Theatre, the first time that venue has been used since before the pandemic and a certain return to some form of normality for the event.

Following that, those on-site will get a first look at the devices announced.

While we can definitely over analyse the invitation, “Far Out” and the Apple Logo made out by stars, could be seen as an indicator of night or space photography and even Zoom capabilities on the iPhone 14.

In terms of expectations overal, we expect iPhone 14, plus a new Apple Watch and possibly an updated iPad, though that and any new Mac announcements (including Mac Pro) are more likely to come in a later event in October.

The timing of the September 8th event is just a touch earlier than normal for Apple. Apart from 2020 when the pandemic and production delays pushed things out to October, the September 7/8 date is a solid week earlier than this event has been held in the past.

EFTM will be in Berlin for the annual IFA trade show next week, and will head to San Francisco and Cupertino the following week as a guest of Apple for all the details.