With the Apple Worldwide Developers conference behind us, all eyes now turn to the next iPhone. Rumours, leaks and plenty of speculation about the next iPhone and what it will look like. EFTM has obtained the 2022 iPhone “Dummies” and it shows us a lot about what Apple might have planned for September.

Our sources are solid, for several years now going back to the iPhone 8 review: Late to the party, but wireless is the big seller » EFTMand X announcements in 2017 we’ve received “dummy” models of the iPhone three months before Apple makes it’s big announcement. Each time – they’ve been spot on.

So, for 2022 what can we expect?

2022 iPhone 14 lineup

Of course, these are just dummies made for case manufacturers to get ahead of Apple’s September announcement, however it’s pretty rare for us not to get this right based on the dummies we’re sent.

From what we can see, we’re getting a different looking lineup for 2022.

An iPhone 14, an iPhone 14 Pro, an iPhone 14 Pro Max and what we can only describe as the iPhone 14 Max.

Two screen sizes, 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch across four devices.

no iPhone 14 Mini?

This range of four phones does not include the smaller 5.4 inch screened Mini.

For some time there has been speculation that the iPhone 12 and 13 Mini devices haven’t been sold at the rate Apple would hope for, despite me loving the device and the size it seems the push for larger screen sizes has caused the death of the iPhone Mini.

Sad times.

iPhone 14 Max

But, in place of the Mini in the lineup is a new larger screen model. The iPhone 14 Max would be the same screen size as the Pro Max but without the triple lens camera array.

iPhone 13 Pro Max (Left) – alongside iPhone 14 Max (right)

The iPhone 14 max will likely feature the dual lens camera system the same as the standard iPhone 14.

Interestingly this would push the entry level price of the iPhone up, but put a larger screen iPhone at a lower price than has been accessible until now.

The Pro models

Like with the 2021 iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro max, there will be two Pro models of the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will have a triple lens camera system, expect the telephoto zoom to be improved, and with what appear to be larger lenses, expect a bump in quality for both photos and video.

Will the iPhone 14 have a Lightning or USB-C connection?

A recent ruling by the European Union is putting pressure on Apple to remove it’s Lightning connector and replace it with USB-C.

The USB-C connector already appears on Apple MacBooks, as well as on the iPad Air and Pro models.

The dummy models we’ve obtained clearly still have a lightning connector – so any change to USB-C is another year or more away.

Notch or no notch?

In 2021, the notch on the iPhone 13 was reduced in width.

For 2022 it appears possible that on the standard and max phones that remains the same, and for the Pro and Pro Max models the notch will be replaced by cut-outs, like a hole punch. This is not new, many phones like Samsung have had this for a few years, but it will be interesting to see how Apple both implements and sells this feature at the announcement of the iPhone 14.

When will the iPhone 14 go on sale?

We expect Apple to hold an iPhone announcement event in Mid Septemeber, likely the second week of September (September 13 Australian time), with the iPhone 14 going on sale in the second last week of September – around the 23rd.