Imagine being so damn keen on a specific new car that you’re willing to spend an unknown amount of cash because it’s just so desirable, yet you have absolutely no idea when the car will be available to buy, let alone see in the flesh. That’s the situation with almost 1,000 people who have joined an Aussie created Facebook Group for the all new BMW M3 Touring.

The BMW M3 is well regarded as one of the most amazing sports sedans you can own, it’s performance, handling and looks are just sensational and have been for many generations.

But throw a wagon on the back and you’ve got a “Touring” that rocks. And for many Dads around the world, that means the family trips, sports gear and weekends away are covered with the car, but so is your lust and love for a sports car with feeling.

I mean, just look at it.

The Facebook Group is approaching 1,000 members, and all of them are drooling for the chance to own the M3 Touring – expected to cost well over $170,000 in Australia.

The G81 model M3 Touring group suggests that almost half its members have already placed their order, with many more still weighing up options.

And it’s not uncommon in this day and age, the BYD Auto groups across Australia have been abuzz with talk of the arrival of the new Atto 3 here – perhaps a Facebook Group is the new watercooler for those who have shared interests – even in a $170,000 car:)