The Samsung Galaxy phone cameras are some of the best on the market. The latest Galaxy Z series phones have just launched with a number of those features, but the good news for buyers wanting a mid-range priced phone is that there’s a heap of those headline features available on the Galaxy A-Series.

Samsung released new Galaxy A-Series phones earlier this year and they’re chock full of the features you’d normally associate with their flagship range. 

While the Galaxy S-Series and Z-Series will remain with the highest quality specs available at the time – the Galaxy A-Series just leaves off some of the higher-end bells and whistles. What they do include is great screens with high refresh, battery life and powerful quad-camera systems with OIS and VDIS technology to capture crisp, clear shots every time. The hardware is different, but there are some features that can be brought to the Galaxy A-series thanks to Samsung’s vast experience in mobile photography and advances in AI. 

Features included on the A-Series phones include Single Take, allowing you to take a 10-second shot and have the AI analyse the scene for the best results against a database of images to find the best shot. This includes Auto Framing which allows you to track up to five people at once when in shot to find the best crop, and overall image.

There’s also excellent portrait mode which can more accurately identify people and separate them from the background allowing for a crisp image of your subject in the foreground, with artfully blurred backgrounds. 

The AI also allows for more accurate AI Detail Enhancement in your images, building on the high-resolution images captured by the main sensor. These details range from improved low-light images, as well as automatically retouching images, upscaling images, adding HDR, de-blurring and more, like Detail Enhancer on the Galaxy A73 5G which can add more detail into images.

Samsung’s AI features also allows you to remove unwanted objects from images, like people walking into shot or inconvenient scenery. Samsungs Portrait mode also allows you to edit and tweak these images any time using their post-processing after you’ve taken the shot.

The Galaxy A-Series is currently available in Australia ranging from the Galaxy A13, up through to the Galaxy A73 5G. You can check them out on the Samsung Australia website.