Gallium Nitrate, or GaN, chargers can charger faster and more efficiently than standard chargers while also being smaller. They have been around for about 18 months now, but we are yet to see many land in Australia without specifications. That is set to change as Mophie has today announced their foray into our local market with their GaN chargers.

Mophie are bringing four different GaN chargers to Australia from a 30W version all the way up to a 120W GaN charger.

  • speedport 30
  • speedport 45
  • speedport 67
  • speedport 120

The smaller 30W version is designed for smaller devices such as phones and tablets and offers an ultra-compact design. The next step up is a 45W charger and provides two USB-C ports so you can charge two devices at a time, still in an ultra-compact package — each port can charge at 45W but the charger itself only supports a total of 45W so if you are charging two devices their total power will max out at 45W.

The speedport 67 is slightly larger and offers two USB-C ports once again but ups the power output to 67W — charge all your devices, including laptops. This time each port is rated at 67W but if you are using both ports at once, then the total output of the charger is 67W. The big dog is the speedport 120 bucks the above convention with the charger delivering a shared output of 120W through three USB-C ports and a USB-A port. The top two ports are rated to a maximum of 100W (not 120W), although 100W will be enough to charge virtually any device you throw at it. The speedport 120 is an “off-the-wall” design meaning it has a power cord that attaches to the AC socket, rather than the charger itself.

So why would you want a GaN charger? GaN charging is superior to silicon charging because it is more efficient in its power conversion, faster, higher watt charging capabilities while at the same time being smaller in size (less components required). Your device will need to support USB-C PD charging to take full advantage of the fast charging speeds

The Mophie GaN chargers are available now from JB Hi Fi, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Digi Direct, Vodafone, ZAGG Macarthur Square, and leading independent retailers and come with a two-year warranty.


  • speedport 30: AUD$49.95
  • speedport 45: AUD$69.95
  • speedport 67: AUD$89.95
  • speedport 120: AUD$139.95