Been on TikTok or Instagram lately? Those creators love to hold those little microphones don’t they? Well, step aside Rode, and DJI and the many others, JBL is here to join the party with the JBL Quantum Stream Wireless microphone.

Drawing a bit on their gaming brand Quantum, and inspired for design by their wireless headphone range, this is one of the easiest to use Wireless Microphones you’ll find.

And, it’s going to land in Australia for around $149!

In the box are three things. A Case, a Receiver, and a Microphone.

The Case of course charges the Microphone when not in use, adding to the 6 hour Microphone Battery with another 18 hours in the case.

The receiver doesn’t need charge – because it simply clicks into your smartphone.

There will be a lightning and a USB-C version, I’ve tested the USB-C version and it works just fine on the iPhone 15.

Hard core creators might still opt for a Rode Wireless Go Solution which might offer more controls like Gain on the device, and a wider range and distance, but for the vast majority of the creators I see, this will do the trick.

There is no input to the microphone so a Lapel can’t be used, but again, this is for those who are clipping it to a shirt or jacket, or those weirdos clipping it to a stick or something else to look cool.

The JBL Quantum Stream Wireless also pairs with the JBL Headphones app where you can have some decent settings controls for the microphone, including Gain, Microphone effect (sound profile) and noise cancelling.

Epic simplicity, great price. Can’t wait for it to hit Australia.

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