The alleged hacker behind the Optus Cyber Attack of last Wednesday has released additional data to prove the validity of their claims as they demand $1million USD from Optus for the return of the data.

In the updated claim, the hacker known only as “OptusData” demands Optus contact them via the website forum, and says that only one copy of the data exists.

They also mention the $9billion in revenue Optus has, indicating they know their ask is actually relatively small.

To further validate their claim they have published an additional 10,000 records obtained in the hack.

EFTM has viewed these records and again sees them as valid Australian customer details.

Perhaps most worrying is the personal data involved. We knew passports and Drivers Licences were included, but it appears now also Medicare card details are also in the data.

Our search shows 261 instances of Passport Data, 3246 Drivers Licence numbers and 55 Medicare numbers.

Extrapolated out to the entire data set, that means 261,000 Passport numbers, 3.2 million Drivers licences and 55,000 Medicare numbers.