Foldable smartphones are the hot new thing on the scene, the fancy new gadget you can show off to your mates and the one that everyone seems polarised about.

And in 2023 we have more of them than ever before.

Think about this, we’ve got the Z Fold and Z Flip from Samsung – now in their fifth generations. Then there’s Oppo’s Flip and Fold variants, and Motorola’s Flip folding phones that they released in let’s call them a standard and premium model.

That’s a real solid market to choose from. And let’s be clear – they are all great phones!!

But we had to pick one.

Firstly, for us the Flip form factor is the future. While folding open to a tablet is awesome, we just don’t see it growing to be as big as the flip fold form factor. So that narrows the field.

Next up, when you look at the three – there are a few factors that come into consideration. Firstly, while Oppo had the biggest outer screen in March when the Find N2 Flip launched, it was quickly outgunned by both motorola and Samsung. Sorry Oppo, the glory was shortlived.

Now Samsung may have a bit more 3rd party development on their outer screen, but Motorola’s functions are not far behind, and we love the fact the screen feels like it’s the whole cover – with those cameras jutting out. Samsung’s choice to limit the screen size is quite noticable.

We’ll call that one a tie just for the sake of the argument.

On design though, Motorola win this one. Something great about the feel of the moto in the hand. There’s the textured back, the slightly wedged or rounded shape – which remind me of the first Samsung Flip phone, but find themselves today as a great in the hand device.

Honestly, I think in a blind test most people would choose the Motorola over both Oppo and Samsung, and the fact our very own Scott who reviews them all chose to purchase one says a heck of a lot.

In an important category for smartphones, motorola’s RAZR 40 Ultra wins EFTM’s BEST Award for BEST FOLDABLE SMARTPHONE