Now as someone who had a many decades long love affair with Coca-Cola, this ticks so many boxes and frankly, would sit perfectly in the EFTM man cave – and that’s exactly what it’s designed for.

These two models are the same but for the design, both are 270 litre units, with a 240 litre fridge size. Now that’s small, this isn’t a family fridge ok? It’s for the man-cave, the games room, or the pool room.

But it is a SMEG, so don’t expect some cheap silly Fridge, this thing has the latest electronic temperature controls, a 0 degree drawer for meat or dairy and a multi-flow cooling system.

There are two models, the FAB28RDCC5AU is the iconic Red and White of Coca-Cola with the Logo up top and “have a Coke” near the handle. It’s gotta be the winner.

For something different, the FAB28RDUN5AU is a far more 60’s and 70’s inspired mural design which will stand out for sure.

Priced at $4,990 they are outrageously overpriced for their size, but at the same time utterly desirable. What a quandry!